Why are people calling phone sex numbers?

My friends, those who know what kind of job I do, often ask me why do people call chicks with sass phone sex numbers.  They often thing that those who do are either perverts, single men or cheats.  Whenever I am asked this question, I always have the perfect answer and it’s one that usually shuts people off:

Do you want to tell me that you, yourself, have never had phone sex, ever?  Not even with your boyfriend?

I have yet to hear someone tell me that they didn’t, in any capacity.  Some may have not enjoyed it, mostly because they felt awkward, but I would bet that most people have tried it at least once, if not more.  As for myself, before I started working for chicks with sass phone sex, I will gladly admit that there was a time when my boyfriend was in the US and I was still in the UK, we were doing it nearly everyday.  We did skype too, because well…  We could see each other “doing it” together, but I’ll be honest and admit that there is something particularly exciting about talking, and let our imagination run loose.

Imagination… I have mentioned this world a couple of times in this web site and there is a very good reason for this.  I am really good at chicks with sass cheap phone sex because I have an imagination that can be as wild a it needs to be. And sometimes it does, if only to keep up with some of the things my callers come up with.

And so… Why do people call phone sex numbers?  In short?  Because it’s an ideal way to let things out in the open, even our most secretive fantasies, without fear of judgement or scorn…  Because it’s sometimes the only way to be intimate with a loved one, when said loved one is far away… And because, there are people out there who need to keep some sort of connection alive.  And phone sex provides them with that.

And as one of my favorite callers often tells me, “in spite of the fact that I call you for sex, you are cheaper than my therapist and you always make me feel better!”




The things I hear working for Chicks With Sass Cheap Phone Sex

Working for Chicks with Sass Cheap Phone Sex is the majority of the time a whole lot of fun. For the most part… It say for the most part because not everyone can talk about sex with lots of different people, day in, day out… It takes imagination and whilst an appetite for sex is important if a woman is to enjoy this line of work, without a fertile mind, patience, lots of it, and an interest in other people’s problems, chicks with sass phone sex can indeed become too much to handle.

I enjoy it to be sure… It’s a lot of fun but it can take its toll.

I answer two of the chicks with sass phone sex numbers. I was talking about this to a friend and she asked me what people were talking about when they call.  My answer is that for the most part, I do the talking and they the listening but there a few lines that have me chuckle, or not, whatever the case.

Here are some of them:

On the subject of looks… “Hope you’re as pretty when I am sober”

This customer was particularly difficult to please.  I had decided not to charge him for the call, if I could get him to cross the finish line, but one thing he said was so hilarious I actually gave him two extra free calls: “Maybe we should call Dr. Ruth…”

I have been asked the following question many times and every time it makes me smile: “Are you sure I don’t know you from somewhere”

Here’s another pearl from a particularly funny customer:  “I call you because I get bored sometimes laying in bed with a woman I have to inflate…” He calls me at least once a week…

And then there is the eternal question that lends itself to every situation, whether the encounter is physical (ie a person lays next to you) or by phone sex: “Did you come?”

That’s it for now folks

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I came to this country for love, I stayed for phone sex

It’s true.  This is an odd title for an article but it reflects accurately what happened to me all these years ago. I was freshly out of college finally enjoying a summer of leisure in London, my home town, taking walks in hide park and Kensington gardens, sun bathing until one day, I met him…  My handsome American fellow.  He was gorgeous all over, ash blond hair on a well tanned skin, shinny smile and all with just the right balance of flirting and aloofness and no time at all, I was head over heels in love.

We spent that summer together, and then three months later, having returned to the stats, he came back to spend Christmas with me. It was bliss at first, second and endless sight.  It felt good, it felt right, we couldn’t have enough of each other.  For the next year, our life suspended itself during the time we were apart and then came back to life, as ever torrid and exquisite as the time before.

Soon we were making plans to live together.  He lived in Chicago, worked in a downtown law firm and I gave up my job as a writer for a British travel magazine and followed him to the land of grand lakes.

At first it was incredible.  I was waiting to get a working permit in order but he was making enough money as a lawyer that I didn’t even have to go into my savings.  It took 2 years from my visa to come through.  During the process of waiting, I’d have to return back to England and then make the journey back to my new home in Chicago.

When the visa came, I remember the feeling of elation as I called my boyfriend to let him in on the great news.  Things were good.  I started to look for a job, preferably as a writer, but 2008 was not exactly a propitious time for finding a job anywhere, let alone a writer.

We carried on like that, happy most of the time, but I was noting some gaps in our relationship when we would retract into ourselves, become pensive, without quite knowing why to be honest.  Things like that do not declare themselves with a fanfare. They seep into you daily hours, undetected at first until one day you realize that things are not quite what they used to be.

Eventually we both realize that our relationship had run its course, and having waited for so long to get my visa, I decided not to go back to the UK and instead make a life for myself in the US.

Finding a job was still very difficult, and I took part time positions whenever I could find them.  But I was well into my savings and knew that I wouldn’t be able to last much longer if all I could get were part time jobs.

Then one day, I saw it… An ad by ChicksWithSass looking for operators to answer calls, and being open minded listed as a requirement.  I do have an open mind, and was fed up with temping so I figured I’d call them and see what the offer was.

They were interviewing for their ChicksWithSass Phone Sex Numbers and once I was over the initial shock, I decided to give it a go.

As it turned out, I was pretty good at this.  It must have been my very British accent (I can do other European accents as well and really kill it with French, even if I say so myself) and to my great surprise, ChicksWithSass Cheap Phone Sex was actually a lot of fun.

So much so that I am still doing it now.  Life is funny that way.  So now you understand.  I came here for love and stayed for phone sex.